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  • Husn E Zulf hair cleanser shampoo


    This shampoo enriched with natural botanical extracts derived from fruits & flowers, gently cleanses hair and nourishes the hair roots & scalp the blend of conditioners make the hair soft and silky. Vitamins from natural ingredients strengthen the hair shafts and hair roots. Regular use of this shampoo improves texture of hair and gives shine and body to the hair.

    Composition : Each 10ml. contains aq. etract of

    Amla Emblica officinalis (Fr.), Shikakai Acacia concinna (Fr.), Reetha Sapindus mukorossi (Fr.) 0.5 gm, Brhami Centella asatica (St.) 0.5 gm, Neem Azhadiracta indica (Lf.) 0.25 gm, Tukhm-e-Rehan ocimum sanctum (Sd.) 0.25 gm, DM. Water Q.S., Shampoo Base Q.S. Methylparabeen Q.S., Propyl Parabeen Q.S.

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